EON (SBB) remote for OSX

Plugin kompletno napravljen od strane Hackintosh korisnika. Sve ispod ovog ostace na Engleskom jeziku. Ako zelite direktno da se obratite developeru ovog plugina Paxman. Ako zelite da postavite pitanje ili ideju u vezi samog plugina EON SAFARI.


  • Remotely control EON player for people subscribed to EON TV SBB service
  • Make screenshots
  • Record video
  • Usual play controls (play, pause, rewind, forward)
  • Usual volume controls (volume down, volume up, mute)
  • Usual browser controls (full screen, refresh page...)
  • Channel+ & channel-
  • Instant play any of the 75 predefined tv channels
  • Some channels require pin code, if you have set it to default (1234), just tap on "PIN" button when you are asked to enter the code


  • Unified Remote server-client app https://www.unifiedremote.com
  • Osx (tested on 10.13.6 but it should work with older versions)
  • Tested on Mojave 10.14; Channel+ & channel- buttons need SIP disabled for satimage scripts to work in Automator; If you want to have SIP enabled all the time, you can use app like Keyboard Maestro; see attached pics
  • Safari (tested on 12.0 but it should work with older versions)
  • Full HD resolution (1920x1080) (for choosing the right channel from the list)
  • Channel selection works only in fullscreen mode
  • For video recording to work install movavi screen capture or any other screen capturing software that has predefined shortcuts in this way: start recording = cmd+shift+2; stop recording = cmd+option(alt)+2


  • Copy EON folder to /home/Library/Application Support/Unified Remote/Remotes/Custom
  • Restart Unified Remote server and reload remotes
  • Install Satimage411.pkg
  • Extract launch_Safari.workflow.zip, plus1_to_url.workflow.zip, minus1_to_url.workflow.zip and copy extracted files to /home/Library/Services
  • Open System Preferences/Keyboard/Shortcuts/Services:
  • Set Safari to launch with shortcut cmd+shift+s;
  • Set +1 to url shortcut cmd+option+n;
  • Set -1 to url shortcut cmd+option+p;

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Now you can choose which channel to watch by swiping to one of the channel tabs and selecting the desired channel.


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